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The Process of Creating a Printed Circuit Board

The fabrication process progresses through these general steps:

  • Layout:The physical layout is designed with software and tested virtually, or a prototype is created by hand and then captured by software. Both methods create a blueprint of the wiring.
  • Design:Crucial decisions about number of layers, coating material and size are made, based on application. Assembly: An initial printed circuit board is produced.
  • Testing:The product is tested in its real-world application to see whether the schematic or design needs to be modified.
  • Fabrication:The final printed circuit board is produced in the requested volume. After the actual fabrication, the manufacturer performs an electrical test and inspection before packaging to ensure that the final product is safe and meets the required UL and government standards. Almatron works closely with customers through each stage of the process to assure that each printed circuit board produced meets the customer's need and meets the applicable safety standards.