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Rigid Printed Circuit Boards Designed in Orange County, California, East Coast, Texas and Arizona

Rigid printed circuit boards from Almatron Electronics—headquartered in Orange County but shipping nationwide—provide the versatility and reliability needed for a wide range of applications. These boards are the classic PCB, with each one built with the specific end use of the product in mind. They are perfect for military and aerospace industries in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, East Coast, Arizona, New York, Texas, Southern California, San Diego County, and Clark County because of their ability to be used in extreme conditions.

Almatron personally works with every client to ensure that your PCB meets your exact specifications from design to fabrication. When you receive your rigid printed circuit board from us, you will be receiving a PCB that has been quality tested with your real-world application in mind.

We are able maintain our competitive prices on these rigid printed circuit boards due to our focus on low volume production—an element larger companies will charge more for. Whether you are looking for design and layout guidance for your PCB, or already know

exactly how many layers and the type of material you need, Almatron works with you to meet your specifications. View our manufacturing services page for more detailed material and spec information.

Rigid Circuit Board Manufacturing from Almatron

Almatron Electronics is proud to have provided rigid circuit board manufacturing for over 35 years. We strive to provide high quality printed circuit boards that prove themselves across a wide variety of industries and applications. Having established long-standing relationships with organizations and individuals belonging to the aerospace, military, electronic, and consumer retail sectors, we can ensure that our rigid printed circuit boards are versatile enough for any job that requires a stable board.

Need a flexible PCB for a more complicated project or an aluminum PCB that offers higher heat metal protection? Almatron has you covered there as well. Get in touch with our top-rated customer service team today to get started on your custom printed circuit board.