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Orange County’s Top Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturers in New York, Southern California, East Coast, Texas and Los Angeles

Almatron Electronics is among the top flexible circuit board manufacturers in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, East Coast, Arizona, New York, Texas, Southern California, San Diego County, and Clark County combined. Our team is proud to have worked with a wide range of individuals and companies who require flex PCBs for over 35 years. Our unique low volume approach to design and fabrication allow us to provide top-rated quality and customer service without adding on extra costs. That means our manufacturing capabilities are able to develop and produce top-performing flexible PCBs that meet your unique requirements. No matter how small the batch, our team can design, fabricate, manufacture, and assemble the perfect flex PCB for your need.

Flexible circuit boards may be fabricated using the same components as rigid printed circuit boards but allow the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application. They are used in a large range of everyday electronics such as hard disk drives or printers, though they can be adapted to nearly any industry. Almatron Electronics also proudly provides an RoHS material that is lead-free, so you can meet all safety standards. Reference our manufacturing services page for more detailed material and spec information.

Almatron Electronics’ Rapid PCB Prototyping Capabilities

Almatron Electronics also provides rapid PCB prototyping that will significantly improve your prospects of a successful project outcome. Our team will work through the stages of design, layout, and testing with you to ensure that the final product works in its real-world application before we begin fabrication.

Plus, with no minimum batch requirement, you can begin with a small order and move towards larger fabrication goals with time. Get started on your flex PCB prototype with Almatron by contacting us today.