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Orange County’s Trusted Military PCB Producer in New York, Southern California, East Coast, Texas and Los Angeles

Almatron Electronics has been a trusted military PCB producer for over 35 years. Working with clients across the United States to design and manufacture custom military-grade printed circuit boards, Almatron guarantees circuit board assemblies that stand the test of time. However, the military is only one of the many industries that we serve in the Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, East Coast, Arizona, New York, Texas, Southern California, San Diego County, and Clark County markets. We also proudly work with individuals and companies in the aerospace, medical, and consumer retail sectors to produce custom PCBs.

Military PCBs require a higher grade of reliability and versatility because of the difficult environments that military electronics face. Almatron’s team also specifically works with teams looking to prototype and test a circuit board for an innovative application, providing real-world testing along with our other manufacturing processes. Plus, with no minimum order requirement, you can work with Almatron over time to refine your project. View our manufacturing services page for more information about the capabilities and specs for our PCBs.

Industries Almatron Serves:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Consumer Retail

PCB Medical Uses

Perhaps the most important component for any and all PCB medical uses is that the circuit board is reliable and works as intended. Almatron Electronics’ vast experience in producing custom PCBs allows us to provide rigid boards, flexible boards, and aluminum boards that fit these requirements.

Our team will work directly with your needs to ensure that the circuit board you receive at the end of the process with work exactly as you need it to. Get in touch with the Almatron team today to get started on your project.