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Aluminum PCB Manufacturing in Orange County, California, East Coast, Texas and Arizona

Almatron Electronics provides aluminum PCB manufacturing directly out of Orange County. These unique metal-based printed circuit boards are available to be shipped nationwide—including Los Angeles County, Riverside County, East Coast, Arizona, New York, Texas, Southern California, San Diego County, and Clark County--no matter how small the batch. These metal-base or metal core aluminum PCBs can be utilized by the same wide range of industries as our other rigid and flex assemblies, such as the aerospace, consumer products, and medical industries.

As with all our PCB manufacturing services, Almatron guarantees that the custom aluminum circuit board you receive from us will have been thoroughly quality tested for your specific real-world application. This testing—along with our top-rated customer service, competitive costs, and RoHS Directive materials—is what makes Almatron an easy choice for your aluminum PCB needs.

Aluminum Circuit Board Capabilities and Applications

An aluminum circuit board from Almatron Electronics is unique in that it consistently increases durability and long-term reliability of a final product through temperature control. They also offer associated reduction in failure rates, and thus provide a crucial component of high-quality products that endure larger amounts of stress. Aluminum-designed printed circuit boards from Almatron have good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and solid machining performance.

LEDs are perhaps the most common use of these circuit board assemblies, but their versatility lends them to other industries that may require larger heat-rise capabilities. No matter your choice for choosing an aluminum PCB, contact Almatron today to get started on the design and layout process.