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Customized Printed Circuit Boards for Every Application

Printed circuit boards are the brains of your computer system. Your business will benefit from custom designed and manufactured PCBs from Almatron Electronics. No job is too small, and we consult with you to learn your company's specific needs. Your quality PCBs will arrive quickly and cost-effectively, giving you everything you need from a local manufacturer.

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Get personalized circuit board design and manufacture for your specific needs.
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Almatron Electronics Inc. of Santa Ana, California, is recognized as a leader in the design, manufacture, and assembly of printed circuit boards. In 1983 we began making circuit boards, later designing and assembling them too. Our satisfied customers will tell you we do things right and our products are in constant demand. Our customers are smart buyers and know we provide them with the right products.

At Almatron, we serve smaller companies looking for smaller printed circuit board (PCB) quantities that may not be offered by the larger PCB manufacturers. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality and take great pride and personal interest in the design, layout, and assembly of our great printed circuit boards.

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