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Our quality assurance department includes a chemical and metallurgical laboratory exercising strict controls over plating baths and plating depositions. With the plated thru hole being the heart of the circuit board, our emphasis has been on a state-of -the art plating line allowing us full control over the amount and quality of copper applied to our Printed Circuit Boards.  After the fabrication is completed,  a 100% electrical test is performed, that includes a final inspection done prior to packaging.  Almatron is UL approved on requirements of materials, solder mask, and conductor widths and spacing. All materials purchased and used in manufacturing have a flammability rating to 94V-O.

Almatron utilizes a streamlined approach to each project.  We are able to keep our yields high while reducing the amount of waste.  In turn the savings are passed to you the customer.  Almatron keeps it simple to help reduce your cost, without reducing the quality.

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Benefits of doing business with Almatron Electronics Inc.:

  • Almatron Reduces Your Costs

  • Almatron Insures You Quality Control

  • Almatron is Service Oriented

  • Almatron is Attentive to You and Your Needs 

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