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Printed Circuit Board Design Services

When you work with the printed circuit board design and layout professionals at Almatron, you'll receive the exact board you need. We consult with you to get your PCB to the prototyping phase as soon as possible.

Provide us with some basic design information and your PCB requirements, and we'll get a quote to you as quickly as possible. We specialize in board layout, prototyping, and manufacturing. We make this process as user-friendly as possible, and before you know it, we'll deliver the completed design file and bare boards.

• Minimum Line Width/Space: .005" / .005"
• Minimum Finished Drilled Hole Size: .010"
• Minimum Finished PCB Thickness: .010"
• Maximum Finished PCB Thickness: .125"
• Minimum Layer Count: 1
• Maximum Layer Count: 12

Available Surface Finishes:
• Immersion Gold
• Immersion Silver
• Immersion Tin
• Lead-Free Solder (RoHS)

Available Materials:
FR4 130 Tg / FR4 170 Tg (RoHS)

Start Your Project

PCB design plays a crucial role in what a circuit board can power or control and how well it works. For some applications, a simple single-layer card handles the job, but often, complex layouts and components require heavy design work. Almatron will consult with you to make the best possible board for your project. No order is too small, and you will get the same attention and quality we deliver to all our clients.

Creating an Electronic Core

For most electronic devices, several printed circuit boards in a variety of shapes and sizes make up the heart and brains of the machine. For instance, a single computer uses multiple printed circuit boards, including:

• Motherboard - The Main Circuit Board
• Controller - Handles Peripheral Devices
• Network Interface Card - Connect Computer to Local Area Network and the Internet
• Video Adapter - Controls the Graphics as Seen Through a Monitor
• Sound Card - Maximizes Sound Capabilities

In addition, expansion slots allow further cards (or circuit boards) to be added to the computer. Common expansion cards allow for Bluetooth or wireless connections.

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